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Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker Review – Should I Buy?





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nespresso inissia espresso maker 

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I am pretty sure you have heard about Nespresso if you are a coffee enthusiast. This company is well known to make some of the best coffee machines; unfortunately, the prices of their products have been a bit of blockade for some customers. However, their new model Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker has hit the market like a storm for the last couple of months due to its unbeatable price.

But just because it’s the most affordable option among the luxurious Nespresso coffee makers doesn’t mean it’s not as good. This machine has pretty much the same feature as the previous model, even more compact. Here’s a brief non-biased review to help you determine whether it an ideal machine for your kitchen.

Features of the Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker Review :

Overall design:

Though it’s among the cheapest espresso maker, it doesn’t look cheap at all. It features a simple, sleek design; not much of a fancy display or menu, just two buttons to choose between Espresso and Lungo. It’s a little small than the competing brands so it won’t take much of your countertop space. Its tank isn’t much spacious, but it’s pretty much the same as previous models, enough not to upset you when refilling the tank.

Brewing performance:

nespresso inissia espresso maker Even though Inissia has a limited drink menu, the coffee produced is incredible. Has the same 19-bar pump under the hood as the previous models to generate aesthetic espresso and incomparable Crema.

The machine will brew your coffee in a matter of minutes, you do not have to wait for more than seconds for the machine to heat up, in fact, it doesn’t even have a switch on and off button; just the two programmable buttons at the top select what you want to brew.


As previously mentioned, this doesn’t have the most spacious removable tank you will come across, but 700 ml or 24 ounce it’s enough to serve the need of a regular coffee enthusiast. The tank has a lid to prevent any spillages, which mean you can take the advantages of its full height. The machine container can hold 9- 11 capsules and ejecting and injecting the capsules is pretty simple. The 19 bar pump is also more than expected for the espresso maker of its price range.


Energy efficiency is one of the machines selling features. After every 9 minutes of inactivity, the machine automatically goes off, thereby meeting the Energy Efficiency Class A standard. The folding drip tray can accommodate larger cup size if you flip it up, and despite its small size, Inissia does not compromise on quality or functionality, therefore the most efficient espresso maker you will come across right now.

Cleaning and descaling:

Since the water tank on the back of the machine and the drip tray are removable, cleaning is pretty simple. You cannot immerse the whole body in the water, but the lid and the whisk can be rinsed. Descaling is a must after about every 100 to around 4000 cups, but that will definitely depend on the water hardness. You will have to buy the descaling solution, which is not that expensive, but it’s worth it.


  • Compact in design when compared to the competing brands.
  • Quick preheat time; just 25 seconds
  • Very affordable
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy-fill lidded tank
  • Very light, hence portable


  • The machine is only compatible with Nespresso capsules
  • Small water tank
  • Just two basic automated drinks

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.      My machines make a lot of noise, is this supposed to happen?

A.      The machine’s key element that makes that tasty espresso is the pump. Without this pump, you will have coffee with no Crema, so yes, the machine is supposed to make some moderate noise.

Q.      Do I need to press the button to stop the dropping coffee?

A.      The machine is automatic, which means you do not need to press any button; it will stop to drop coffee as soon as choose amount expressed.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for a budget friendly espresso maker, Nespresso Inissia Espresso is your best choice. The machine is kind of small, when compared to the competing brands, but it doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s portable, easy to use and features a sleek design. A generous three years of warranty, if you buy from a reliable retailer or site, is not something you should ignore, it’s actually more than you would expect for a machine of its price range.

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